Hi, my name is Ian Miller
I'm a Software Developer.

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I'm a Software Engineer in Atlanta, GA where I have lived my whole life. After finishing my undergrad at Indiana Wesleyan University I worked in non-profit leading teams of volunteers. Wanting to continue advancing my career and expand opportunities, I enrolled in the MBA program at UGA with a friend. During that time, I discovered that while I loved working with people, I also loved solving problems. Looking to find a place I could do both, I discovered the world of software engineering.

I spent several months teaching myself coding through online tutorials (and a lot of trial and error!) and courses and realized I loved programming and wanted to pursue software engineering as a career. Knowing I needed to take a more concrete step, I decided enroll in the Digital Crafts Full Time Immersive where I finished in October 2019.

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A tongue and cheek reference to the "Google Hire" project. Filtering through job applicants is a time consuming and highly manual process. Hire using machine learning (a MLP neural network) to predict which candidates will make the cut for the position an employer adds. The reinforcement learning model gets more accurate over time as the employer accepts and declines candidates.

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Coffee Crawl

Given your current location, and a chosen number of cafes to visit, Coffee Crawl will give you a list of nearby coffee shops and will order them in an efficient route to get you to each of them and back to your starting location.

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TRVLR is a social travel app to help friends and family plan trips together. The app allows users to create trip, create a timeline of their adventures, and allow others to join their trips. Nathan Evans, Anthony Pellingra and I created this app using Express.js, and Postresql for the backend and a JavaScript and Bootstrap the front end.

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Discord Bot

An automated bot to perform actions on Discord (Slack on steroids). This bot responds to emojis, tags, or key phrases and was created for the JS6 Discord developer chat group an has a cheeky attitude designed to add some flavor to our conversations. I am constantly updating the bot to keep up with whatever we are doing at the time.

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